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Style and safety!

Practical clothing for the way you ride. We’ve got all the latest cycling gear so you’ll really look the part too

3 bikes in a row

Leading the way with cycling clothing

You need the right cycling clothing to ensure a comfortable ride. Shorts cover one of the most sensitive areas when cycling and we’ve got a range of padded shorts, skin tight or baggy – whatever works best for you! It is also important to have the right shoes and gloves. You can stay dry and comfortable with our range of cycling clothing – there are jerseys and jackets for all weather conditions and your level of activity. We stock a huge range of cycling clothing, shoes, overshoes, socks, helmet covers, windproofs, tights, overtrousers, we can help you develop a layered wardrobe.

Be safe

Always cycle within your limits, read the traffic around you, obey the laws of the land and take up a confident position on the road. Lights and reflectors are also crucial when it comes to safety as they keep you visible to other road uses, obviously help you see when cycling in the dark and can help you be seen during the day. Bright clothing and reflective trim can, again help you be noticed in some circumstances. A helmet should not make you feel invincible, but may help protect you from injury.

The essentials for comfort, safety & fashion:

 LIGHTS & REFLECTORS – Make sure you’re seen on the road or off it in the dark with reflectors and lights
– From entry level cycle helmets to top of the range and kids helmets, we’ve got the lot
CLOTHING – Must have shorts, jerseys and jackets for any cyclist’s wardrobe - weather proof, breathable, packable
– A firm platform will give you better efficiency and comfort so the right shoes are important
– The right gloves will protect your hands from irritation, chafing and during unintentional dismounts
– Basic locks and heavy duty ones to keep your bike safe. You should always lock the most valuable parts of your bike and remember that removable parts are vulnerable

With a wide range of cycling clothing and helmets, you will be stylish, comfortable and safe with Ben Hayward Cycles.

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