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Give yourself a unique bike

Bike customisation from the experts. We can give you the bicycle of your dreams!

Customised bikes from Ben Hayward Cycles

Style and performance with customisation

Treat yourself by perfecting your bike. Is your bike looking tired and old? Rather than getting a brand new one, we can customise your bike for you. People form an emotional attachment to their bicycle and often can't bear to be parted. If that’s the case, the best option is to customise your bike. We can give it a complete makeover to make sure that it performs better and looks the part too.

Making your perfect bicycle

We can build you your dream bike from the ground up. Custom wheel building a speciality, all wheels have a year’s anti-spoke-break guarantee and a free re-tension after a month’s riding. We'll talk you through gearing, tyre choices, even help with saddle fit. Top things off by selecting a new outfit from our extensive range of cycle clothing, we will make sure they are the perfect fit for you.

Trek bike in silver

How we can customise your bike:

WHEEL BUILDING – Have top of the range wheels
RESPRAYS – Jazz up your bicycle
SADDLE FITTING – Stay comfortable on the saddle
SHOE FITTING – Get the right shoes for cycling
HELMET FITTING – Make sure your helmet fits correctly
CUSTOM BUILD – We can do a complete customised bike to suit you

Give yourself the perfect bicycle. We can customise your bike for you.

Call us on 01223 860 471

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